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- Cheap wedding Insurance - What sort of cover you can expect and where to get it.

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- Final thought.

Cheap Wedding Insurance - CanYou Afford NOT To Have It!

OK, I hear you; no one wants to assume that the worst is going to happen. But that said, you should still plan to cover all eventualities if it does hit the fan!

Most things wedding related tend to cost a fortune (which is the main reason why I started this site) but I am glad to say wedding insurance does not have to be one of them. Policies are easily available on line at very reasonable prices.

  • Where Should You Buy: Well you can go through your regular insurance broker and get a quote from them, but I would always advise that you check out the online quotes as it doesn't cost anything to get a quote online. Plus you will then be able to confirm if other quotes you have from off-line sources are competitive.
  • Variations Available: A variety of insurance polices are available depending on the amount of cover you require and whether or not you want public liability cover.
  • Public Liability Cover: This covers you and your guests against claims from third parties. For example if the owner of the wedding car claims that you damaged the car or the venue claims a guest broke something at the venue. Check with your venue as some of them will insist you have public liability cover in place. It is possible to have public liability cover for the couple only, or for the couple and the guests
  • Cost: The cost of the policy will vary depending on the cover you require. Policies are available for around £25 up to several hundred pounds. If you need public liability cover that will increase the cost and you should compare a few prices as the costs can vary dramatically from company to company.
  • Check The Excess: Many companies offer zero excess on their wedding policies and obviously if you can avoid paying an excess that’s great. But make sure the cover is comparable. There is no point saving the £25 excess only to find the level of cover is less than the policy that does have a £25 excess.
  • What Should Be Covered: There are a huge range of things that you can expect to have covered on your policy. More that I have room to list here, so click on the title to this paragraph for more details.

  • Latest articles on

    DIY Wedding Ideas.

    These are something we all consider at the outset, but many of us let the idea fall by the wayside as things progress. I however, am of the opinion that all we need is a little motivation and we can all produce unique and beautiful DIY aspects to our wedding day.

    Let’s face it we all want our wedding day to be unique, but if we all buy mass produced items then there will be noting unique about your big day!

    I'm not saying it won't be hard work, these things always (trust me, I've been there) take longer than you imagine. But I can also say the satisfaction you get when it's done is immense.

    The beauty is that you can DIY pretty much anything from the food to the pictures, cards, stationery, flowers, dress (if you are feeling very confident) or the table planner etc. You are only restricted by your imagination. Plus the biggest bonus is you will be able to save a lot of money.

    If you've got any brilliant ideas for DIY wedding items, perhaps you've been to a wedding with some great DIY items or perhaps some disastrous ones. Get yourself over to my DIY Wedding Ideas page and tell us all about them.

    Mary from Sheffield has already put up one of her ideas for DIY table place cards and table names, it's a great idea and it's really easy to do. Who knows perhaps your idea will get mentioned in the e-zine next month.

    Tip of the month.

    A Modern Twist On A Guest Book:

    Most brides want a guest book for their guests to sign and leave messages for the two of you. It's a great memento of the day for you to look back on in years to come. However, in my opinion these books get put away in a box and rarely see the light of day again. So what my other half did was to go to IKEA and buy three cheap but very nice picture frames.

    Two of these frames were quite large 29cm x 29cm with a deep mount (for guests to write on). The second frame bas a back up in case we ran out of space for signatures on the first frame.

    He then used the third frame to mount a little picture of a little "Just Married" logo and a message asking people to sign our picture frame as a reminder that they shared our big day.

    We then put the large frame on a table at the entrance to our reception with the smaller "invite" frame beside it and a few pens.

    When the day was over we were able to mount a lovely picture of us both in the frame and hang it in pride of place in our house. Everyone comments on it when they come round and it is a permanent reminder of our day that we see every day.

    Final Thought

    Well, the days are slowly beginning to stretch out a little further and they are gradually getting warmer so I hope you are all feeling freshly motivated. I would love you all to get involved on my site as I want you to think of it as your site. You can do this by submitting your DIY ideas or simply rate other brides ideas. After all the more you get involved the better the site will be and the more you will get out of it.

    Stop by regularly as I am always adding more articles.

    See you next month,

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