Wedding Insurance
Whats covered and is it worth it?

Ok, wedding insurance (usually including wedding liability insurance) may be the last thing you want to have to think about when you have so many other exciting things to plan and organise.

You may not want to think about things going wrong with your wedding but things don’t always go to plan.

Wedding insurance is a necessity and is something you should consider sooner rather than later in your wedding planning. As soon as you start paying deposits to suppliers you should really get cover. After all, how would you feel if your venue or one of your suppliers went out of business just before your big day or one of the suppliers didn't show up?

None of these scenarios are something you would be happy with regardless of whether you have wedding insurance in place. But if you are covered, at least you won't be out of pocket and you will be in a position where you can arrange an alternative.

What does a typical insurance policy cover?

  • Damage to your wedding dress - rest easy when you know your beloved dress is insured against loss or damage while in your possession or if the dress shop goes under.
  • Cancellation of your wedding - there are many reasons why you would have to cancel, perhaps the venue has been fire damaged or perhaps you or your groom is in the armed forces and you get posted overseas, etc.
  • Supplier deposits - if a supplier or your venue goes out of business after you have paid a non refundable deposit.
  • Wedding cars - if the cars fail to arrive, breakdown or have an accident you can arrange others knowing you will be reimbursed.
  • Wedding attire - if you lose or damage hired or purchased outfits you will be able to cover the costs; you will also be protected if the supplier goes out of business.
  • Photography and videography - if the photographer doesn't turn up you will have to get the photos retaken; it should also cover damage to the original negatives, DVD or faulty equipment damaging the photos or DVDs.
  • Rings - covers the rings against damage or loss (again for a limited period before the wedding e.g. seven days before the wedding).
  • Presents - normally covered for a limited time e.g. seven days before the wedding to 24 hours after the wedding. Bear in mind cheques, cash, vouchers and tickets etc. are normally not covered.
  • Cakes & flowers - should cover loss or damage (limited cover period, e.g. 7 days) for the cake and the flowers at home and at the venue and in transit between the two.
  • Stationery and wedding documents - you should be covered for loss or damage to stationery at home and at the venue (or while in transit).
  • Luggage and property - this should cover the honeymoon luggage and its contents during the day of the wedding.
  • Personal accident - for the bride and groom for the term of the policy.
  • Public liability - covers you for an amount you may become legally liable to pay under a claim made against you arising out of your wedding or reception.
  • Legal expenses - to cover costs incurred (with your policy provider’s consent) in defence of your prosecution for breach of statutory duty.
  • Marquees - covers loss or damage to the marquee.

NB: the above are purely examples, as all insurance companies will cover different things to varying levels depending on the cost of the premiums. The above are just examples to give you an idea of what can be covered.

You should ALWAYS read the policy fully including the exclusions, excess amount and the small print before you purchase any policy.

You don't have to have a wedding insurance policy in place but, as the old saying goes "better to be safe than sorry".

What’s more cheap wedding insurance is a reality as policies are available from around £20

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