Your Wedding Opportunities

Every now and then wedding opportunities present themselves and when that happens it is only right that I bring them to you as quickly as possible.

These opportunities can be many and varied, from TV opportunities to wedding dress competitions or offers to help you save money on any aspect of you wedding day.

Often these can make a huge difference to your budget by giving you the opportunity to win a item that would otherwise cost you a lot of money. Such as your wedding dress, wedding rings or honeymoon etc. has no connection with any of the offers/competitions detailed in this section (unless otherwise stated) and can not vouch for them in any way. I will simply tell you about them as they are brought to my attention.


TV Opportunities:

Occasionally I am contacted and asked to bring various TV opportunities to the attention of my readers, and for those of you who are interested the links below will take you to the relevant page which will give you more details on how you can contact the TV company or get the information you need to apply to be on the show.

  1. Channel 4 Penny pinchers TV programme. - Gayl from the production company contacted me recently to ask if I could let you all know that she is looking for a couple who are getting married this year on a very tight budget to take part in a documentary. They want to celebrate the fact that more and more couples are finding new and clever ways to get the wedding they want at a fraction of the price.

I hope some of you manage to take advantage of these wedding opportunities and hopefully manage to save some money (or at least have some fun) in the process.

let me know how you get on.

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