Get Cheap Wedding Supplies

Cheap wedding supplies or discount wedding supplies are something you'll have to find if you're serious about saving money on your wedding!

Whether you're looking for wedding reception supplies or for that matter any of the other wedding related supplies that make up this huge, and often bewildering, industry, you'll need to know how to seek out and obtain the best possible value for money!

In this section I'll group some of the remaining external suppliers who have not managed to get a separate section all to themselves such as photographers, disposable wedding cameras, videographers and catering etc.

I'll then go through the various options you will be faced with when trying to decide on whether or not you need their services and if so how to go about getting the best value for money.

Cheap Wedding Supplies covered in this section include:

  • Videography – many couples just dismiss videography as being a cost they simply don't need when they already have the day recorded by the photos. But don’t dismiss it so easily the video will capture the true feelings and atmosphere on the day in a way staged photos never could.
  • Cheap wedding photographers – potentially your wedding photos can work out to be very expensive. There’s got to be an easier way, right? You’ll be glad to hear there are several but they're not without their downsides.
  • Wedding car rental – arranging your wedding car hire can be more complicated than you may initially think (just like all things wedding related). But, if you follow my tips and advice it should be much more straight forward and hopefully cheaper.
  • Wedding music – this section often gets overlooked until the last minute when you panic and just pick the first songs you can think of. So her I even give you some examples of my favourite songs and music which could be used for your wedding entrance music and even some funny wedding songs etc.
  • Wedding reception food – get all my top tips to help you save money on your wedding food (one of the largest costs from your wedding day is feeding your guests), so don't say I didn't warn you!
  • Wedding finger food - this is a great way of reducing your food bill and with a little creativity you can turn it into a real feature of your wedding that your guests will love. Find out how here...

No matter what cheap wedding supplies or suppliers you're looking at, stick to my golden rule and always get 3 quotes. Also (if possible) don't mention the word ”wedding” as some suppliers have been known to charge through the nose when they hear the "w" word. Initially tell them it's for a family function, then when they find out later, so what!

If you're going down the route of using external suppliers and getting 3 quotes, make sure the suppliers are all quoting on a like for like basis. So sit down with your other half and decide on what you want from each supplier and then speak to them individually so that you know they are all quoting for the same thing.

Finally, once you've chosen your supplier it's very important to keep them in the loop. There will always be little things that crop up, so the more you talk to your suppliers the more chance there is of catching those little things before they become BIG things.

Plus, if you build a good relationship with your supplier they'll grow to like you and will want to help you out of those little situations that can and will arise from time to time and maybe even offer you a keener price.

Use the individual links for more specific help with the various different types of cheap wedding supplies available. Enjoy!

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