Choosing Between Disposable Wedding Cameras.

Disposable wedding cameras are popular with brides who want to record all those funny, unplanned moments at their wedding reception that the photographer never gets to see.

Or perhaps you have decided to save money on the wedding photographs by only having the photographer attend the wedding for a few hours but still want a selection of photos from the reception and later into the evening.

Maybe you just want a selection of informal photos in addition to the professional photographer’s. If that's the case then disposable cameras may be the way to go.

Cheap disposable cameras are easily available online and you can usually get them cheaper if you buy them in multi-packs. My top tip is to consider whether or not you will need cameras with flashes as most receptions are relatively dark. If this is the case make sure you order your disposable cameras with a flash!

Depending on the location of your reception there are a number of choices when it comes to discount disposable cameras.

  1. Standard disposable cameras - These are usually the cheapest option and can be bought online in multi-packs (the cheapest way to buy them). Don't forget that you will have to pay to develop all the pictures in the disposable cameras, so remember to allow for this extra cost in your budget.
  2. 2Disposable digital cameras - These are more expensive than film based disposable cameras however; they're not as expensive as you may think. The benefit of digital disposable cameras is that you don't have to pay to get all the pictures developed as you can go through them and decide on which you want to develop (after all who wants to pay for 15 pictures of a tablecloth or an over exposed thumb!). You will however need to decide if the reduced cost of developing outweighs the extra cost of the cameras.
  3. Disposable panoramic cameras - These are ideal for getting those fantastic panoramic shots of the whole wedding party. It might also be a good idea to mix in panoramic disposable cameras with the regular disposable cameras so that you get a good mix of photos.

So all that remains is to decide which type of disposable wedding cameras best suit your wedding and budget, and get them ordered! However, don't forget to announce to your guests to leave the cameras at the venue. Better still get the best manto collect them, otherwise guests will take them home with them.

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