Wedding Hairstyles on a Budget

When choosing wedding hairstyles there are a number of things to consider.

After all you’re going to be looking at the photos for years to come, and you'll want your hair to look its best. The same applies to your choice of hair accessories, as they'll help to create your overall look.

Where you get married and when you are getting married will influence your wedding hair style. For example, if it's likely to be humid and you're prone to frizz may want to opt for an up-do. Likewise if you suspect there is a good change it'll be windy you may prefer to have your hair up rather than trying to tame a tangled mop during the photos!

Another important consideration is what style your dress is. Traditional gowns work better with more formal hairstyles, whereas a bohemian style dress looks great with a more relaxed hairstyle—think tumbling curls and Grecian gowns (if you've short hair have a look at wedding hair pieces to give you a different look).

wedding hairstyles

Throughout this section on wedding hairstyles I'll be looking at the following topics in more detail:

  • Wedding Hair styles For Long Hair – if you've got long hair it’s important to work with it rather than against it. In this section I'll go through your various options, including options for fine and thick hair types.
  • Wedding Updo's – in this section I'll reveal some of the many advantages to choosing an updo, plus I'll explain the things you need to consider before making your final decision.
  • Wedding Hair Pieces – these are great if you have short, light or thin hair and want to create the wow factor for your big day with a totally new look but without the hassle of spending months growing your hair out.
  • Bridal Party Hairstyles – This can be a potential minefield trying not to upset the bridal party while still getting the hairstyles you want. Read my top tips on getting the bridal party sorted in this article.
  • Cheap Wedding Tiaras – here I discusses the various styles of tiara available along with the other essential items you'll need to consider (in addition to your hairstyle).
  • Cheap Wedding Veils – there are many different types of veils available to you and your choice will depend on your hair style and the style of your dress. In this section I discuss the many different types of wedding veils and the best places to buy them.
  • Cheap Wedding Hair Accessories – your accessories are vital to the overall look of your hair. Beware; some accessories will suit certain hairstyles better than others. Plus your hair type will dictate what you can get away with.

For those of you on a very tight budget, why not do your own hair or ask a talented friend or relative. Simple hairstyles can be achieved with a little perseverance and a few trial runs. Think of it as an excuse to have the girls over for a glass of wine!

Ultimately when choosing between wedding hairstyles you should choose one that you feel comfortable with and suits your style.

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