Cheap Wedding Veils.

Cheap wedding veils come in a huge variety of styles and colours and can be worn for the ceremony only or for the reception as well.

Traditionally the veil would have been very plain but over the years they have become more ornate, so much so the traditional plain veil is probably the least common option with modern brides. Whichever style or colour you choose it is important that the veil complements your dress and accessories as the wedding veil and accessories are there to complement the dress and not over-power or over-shadow it.

When it comes to buying cheap wedding veils you have two options:

1. Buy locally - This is not always as simple as it sounds as local stores often have a limited stock of styles and they will normally be more expensive. The upside is you will be able to physically see all their options and can compare them with dress fabrics etc.

2. Buy online - With the online option you will get a much larger option of styles and colours and the site should have individual pictures of each one so you can get a good idea of what it looks like. Prices online should also be cheaper and delivery should be inexpensive due to the size and weight of the package. For this reason there should be no problems ordering from anywhere in the world, however, always check the returns policy, especially if you are going for a custom veil or a non standard length. I know of several sites that will not allow returns of these custom wedding veils.

The style of the veil is down to personal choice as there are as many styles available as there are brides. Below are some of the more common styles available:

1. Blusher - This is a short single layer veil which the bride pulls over her face as she enters the church and it is then lifted back over the head at some stage during the ceremony.

2. Pouf - This veil is quite short and is usually attached to a comb or headpiece to give the veil some added height.

3. Flyaway - One of the shorter styles, this veil falls to around shoulder height. It will suit a more relaxed occasion and will allow you to show any design details on the back of your dress.

4. Fountain - This veil is gathered at the crown of your head and then cascades down to just below shoulder height resembling a fountain.

5. Elbow length - Usually up to 25" long, this will reach your elbows when the arms are relaxed.

6. Finger tip - can be up to 45" long and will reach your finger tips when the arms are relaxed.

7. Double tier - A veil comprising two different lengths of veils, one of which is often the blusher.

8. Triple tier - usually comprising of three different length veils, one of which is often the blusher.

9. Chapel - This is a veil that suits a formal occasion, it reaches down to the floor (up to 108") and would be worn with a formal gown with a train

10. Cathedral - This is the most formal veil (often referred to as a royal veil). It can have several layers (including the blusher) and should be worn with very formal dresses in very formal locations.

11. Mantilla Style - this style of veil has an ornate embroidered pattern around the edge of the veil and can be used to lift a simple plain wedding dress.

12. Custom Veils - a custom wedding veil can literally be any style or combination of styles you require and you can have them designed to include accents such as rhinestones, daisies or beads etc. As mentioned above think carefully before ordering a custom veil as more often than not you will not be able to return it if it's not right.

As you can see the options for cheap wedding veils are endless and you will be able to choose whatever your heart desires. From traditional ivory wedding veils to a pink wedding veil or a black wedding veil, the choices are endless.

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