Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair

When choosing wedding hairstyles for short hair, you'll no doubt have discovered that there are much fewer options available to you, depending on how short your hair is.

Although you'll have fewer options, take consolation in the fact that short hair is easier to style and despite what you may be led to believe, you don't have to grow your hair for your wedding.

If your hair's very short and you're happy with your everyday style, why not stick with it.

After all you're an expert at doing that style so you'll save yourself a lot of stress trying styles and wondering if that new style you've chosen will work on the day.

wedding hairstyles for short hair

If you're determined to have a new style then you should plan, plan and plan some more. Speak to your hairdresser and try out several styles before deciding. You should also bring any accessories you intend to wear on the day with you to hair trials so that you get "the final look".

That way you'll be able to rule out some accessories which just don't work with particular hair styles. If in doubt, speak to your hairdresser.

With short wedding hair styles you'll need a good strong hairspray to keep the style in place. (Top tip - if you are going to have flowers in your hair, try not to get hairspray on them as this will make them wilt).

If you are wearing a veil, as with any hairstyle, the constant movement of this against your hair can affect the style. You should ensure you have access to some hairspray, travel curling tongs and hair clips during the day for touching up your hair should it be necessary.

If you've short hair but would love to have an updo or cascading curls but don't have the time to grow out your hair, why not use wedding hair pieces they're easily available on line and will give you glamorous flowing locks for your wedding day.

If you do decide on a different style and this will probably sound really stupid but, choose one that suits you and that you actually like. It's easy to get pressurised into choosing a hairstyle that you're not 100% behind. If in doubt try it out for a few days to see how you feel with it.

Many brides feel they have to go for an updo for their wedding but they may not actually like their hair up. If that's the case, avoid the cost of hair extensions and don't do it. It's your big day and you should be happy.

While your choice is a little more restricted when choosing wedding hairstyles for short hair, you still have options. As long as you research styles carefully and plan well you'll get the perfect style for your perfect wedding day. Then all you have to worry about is your tiara if you're wearing one and your bridal party's hairstyles.

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