Cheap Bridal Party Hairstyles

Once you’ve got your bridal hairstyle sorted, you also need to think about bridal party hairstyles.

Although you should have the final say in how your bridesmaids and flower girls look, it’s important that the girls are happy with their hairstyle.

Your sister might not appreciate having to have Goldilocks-style ringlets, likewise there may be a crying match if a 4-year old flower girl doesn’t want her hair put up.

(Apologies if the men feel left out but I imagine that for most of you, a trip to the barber or a slick of hair gel will suffice!)

The bridal party hairstyles may compliment the bride’s (e.g. everyone has their hair in an updo) or the bride may decide that the rest of the girls should have their hair done in a contrasting style (e.g. the bride’s hair in an updo, while the other girls have their hair half up/half down).

There are no hard and fast rules – all the girls don’t have to have identical hairstyles. One bridesmaid may have long curly hair, another may have straight hair in a chin-length bob, while another may have short hair – it would be impossible for them all to have the same hairstyle unless they wore wedding hair pieces!

As with your hairstyle, it’s important that the bridesmaid and flower girl hairstyles work with their own hair type – a good hairdresser will know what will and won’t work. Ask the girls to look for ideas in magazines to cut out and show the hairdresser. It goes without saying though that you are the star of the show and should not be outshone!

If you are having hair done by a hairdresser, bear in mind that the bigger the bridal party, the more it will cost (do remember to ask about a discount). If bridesmaids are having simpler hairstyles then perhaps they could do their own. Or perhaps you have a friend or family member who works as a hairdresser (or is a good amateur) who could offer their services for free?

The DIY route might be preferable for young flower girls who may not have the patience to sit for long in a hairdresser’s chair. Whether the bridal party hairstyles are being done professionally or by a relative or friend, it’s a good idea to have a trial-run to make sure both the bride and the owner of the hair are happy with the results. Bear in mind it may take several attempts before the right hairstyle is found, and this all costs money!

A few strategically placed hair accessories can provide the perfect finishing touch to a bridesmaid’s or flower girl’s hairstyle. Just make sure they don’t compete with any hair accessories you may have! Some pearl or diamante hair pins can look stunning – these can be used to match or contrast with your colour scheme, and can be bought cheaply online or from the high street.

So you see, there are lots of ideas for creating bridal party hairstyles. The main thing is that the bridesmaids and flower girls should be happy with their hair. The last thing you need is a tearful bridesmaid having a bad hair day on the morning of the wedding.

Finally…relax - all the girls will look stunning undertaking their bridal party duties!

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