Cheap Wedding Hair Accessories

Cheap wedding hair accessories can provide the perfect finishing touch to your overall look and they don't have to cost a lot.

There's a huge variety to choose from, from hair-clips and combs to hair-pins, slides and veils etc. You don't have to spend a fortune to look fantastic.

As with tiaras, hair accessories are usually pearl, crystal, diamante or any combination of these mounted on a clip, comb or slide. Some hair accessories may involve feathers or silk flowers but it's really down to you, your style and the theme you've chosen for your day.

Your biggest difficulty will probably be making your mind up!

Keep your cheap wedding hair accessories simple:

Some brides opt for hair accessories rather than a tiara. If your budget is tight, a few strategically placed hair-pins and/or a hair-clip can look just as effective as a tiara, particularly if you go for a real statement hairstyle.

You may even want a tiara plus hair accessories such as a few simple pearl hair-pins in an up-do. You can use your accessories to complement a tiara but don't go too over the top.

Remember less is more!

Consider your hair-type:

When you're looking at hair accessories - thick hair can get away with most styles, but if you're fine-haired you might want to avoid heavy combs or clips as the sheer weight of these can pull on your hair until they come loose.

The last thing you need on your wedding day is to be worrying if your comb is still in place!

Your bridesmaids:

Wedding hair accessories are also suitable for the other girls in the bridal party. You could choose colours that work with your colour scheme, or stick to traditional pearl or diamante styles.

Where to buy your cheap wedding hair accessories:

  • Bridal stores - most will stock hair accessories, but you'll usually pay more for them. If you've found your perfect accessories and you don't want to shop around ask if they offer a discount on accessories if you buy your wedding dress and/or bridesmaid dresses from them. Alternatively, tell them you'll buy the dress there if they throw in the accessories. If they don't go for that it's still a good starting point to negotiate from.
  • Online - As with tiaras and most things wedding related, you'll find a vast array of cheap wedding hair accessories online. Sometimes it can be hard to judge what they look like or how big they are from an online picture. I located a stockist of the brand I was interested in, but before I ordered I went and had a look at the item in a bridal store. Then I ordered it online, saving myself quite a bit of money in the process.
  • Local specialists - consider also any local wedding jewellery makers, who can make unique hair accessories to your taste. The more intricate the piece, the more it will cost, but it's worth getting a quote as you may be pleasantly surprised.
  • DIY - if you’re feeling creative, it's relatively easy to make your own simple hair accessories. For example, try wiring a few crystals and/or pearls (available from online craft suppliers) to a Kirby grip (also known as a bobby pin for my U.S. readers). A few of these pushed into an up-do can look really effective. Alternatively, attach a large silk flower or an elegant brooch to a sturdy hair clip for a very simple yet stunning hair accessory.

So you see, there are lots of cheap wedding hair accessories are out there. All you need to do is take your time and find the ones that are right for you. But above all, enjoy the experience.

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