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Your Cheap Wedding Decorations - A moment's thought can save you a lot of money.

Cheap wedding decorations don't have to look cheap, but the secret is to prepare exactly what you want before you go out and buy anything. I've lost count of the number of brides I talk to who have had an idea pop into their heads for cheap easy wedding decorations and they shot down to the shops and bought 15 glass vases or 100 tea light holders only to find that the following day they've changed their minds and wasted all that money.

So rule number one is don't panic, relax and think about what you want in the finest detail you can, then and only then should you act.

Your wedding decorations can be split into a number of different sections such as:

Chair covers - do you want them or not?

Wedding favours - an area where you can easily spend a lot if you don't concentrate.

Wedding balloon decorations - unbelievably easy when you know how!

Wedding aisle decorations - don't get carried away just follow my easy tips.

Latest articles on

Wedding Car Rental.

Wedding car rental is one of those things we all tend to leave to the last minute (yes, I did too until I spoke to a friend). But there are more things than you might imagine which will need to be considered.

But thankfully you can learn from my mistakes and get it right first time. In the article I will even share a few ways to negotiate the price down a little more and I'll tell you about the times of the year the car hire firms fill up really quick and they may not be the times you were thinking off.

Tip of the month.

Winter Wedding Tips:

Ok, so it's not snowing (yet) and the weather here is pretty mild but it’s still romantic to think of your winter wedding snuggled up to the one you love in front of a log fire. So I thought I share a couple of quick winter wedding ideas with you:

Think rustic, jam jars with sprigs of holly berries make great table decoration, piles of logs and candles help set the mood and if you use a rustic theme there is no reason why 70% of your decorations can't be made, borrowed or picked up from local wooded areas.

Final Thought

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