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When it comes to cheap wedding chair covers, many of you may already be of the opinion that they don't exist. However I’m here to tell you they do, if you know where to look.

Chair covers do look fantastic and really can finish the reception room decorations. That said they are not an essential item and you do not have to use them. Brides tend to either regard them as an essential or not. Personally I thought I wanted them but in the end I opted to save some money and do without them. Guess what? I didn't miss them on the day.

They can also serve an alternate use which is to hide unattractive chairs. So assuming you have booked a venue that doesn't normally cater weddings (and saved yourself a fortune) but their chairs are not great. You may want to spend a little extra to get chair covers to hide the chairs.

There are three options when it comes to cheap wedding chair covers:

  • Buy them - This can initially sound the more expensive option (and it is initially). However, stop and think about it for a minute. This option will be more expensive, initially. But when you're finished with them you can then sell them for (hopefully) what you paid for them (if you're lucky even more than you paid). Alternatively you could rent them out to other brides and make some of your wedding budget back.

    Of the two options, buying and then reselling them is probably the least hassle option, although renting them out to local brides means you can rent them several times increasing your return. Yes, this is more hassle as you will have to arrange to deliver them to the various wedding locations, then collect and clean them after each event.

cheap wedding chair cover
  • Rent them - wedding chair cover rental is probably the most common method of getting wedding chair covers for your big day. It involves getting a local company to provide and fit the covers and then take them away after the event.

    While this method will ultimately be more expensive than buying and then reselling (or renting them on to others) you will avoid the hassle of having to fit, collect, clean the chair covers.

  • DIY Renting - this means you rent them as normal but you iron and fit them yourself. It's cheaper than getting the supplier to fit them and there are lots of online companies who will courier the covers out to you and then have the courier collect them after the wedding. This is the cheapest option BUT always read their terms and conditions.

I found DIY chair covers online from £0.90 per chair (DIY rental) or £5.50 to buy.

If you were to buy them and then rent them out you would need to rent them at least 5 times to cover your cost but after that you would be in profit. Or you could sell them and try to recoup your costs straight away.

Regardless of whether you want to buy your cheap wedding chair covers or rent them you should find that online will be your cheapest option. But a word of warning, read the terms and conditions carefully before agreeing anything and get a picture of the covers. Also make sure you know exactly what style of chairs your venue has before ordering or you may order the wrong covers.

Finally don't forget the sashes are normally extra (typically 30-80 pence to rent) but they are a great way of tying in your theme colour.

Ultimately when it comes to the hiring or purchase of cheap wedding chair covers the choice is yours, and yours alone. Outdoor wedding locations such as beach weddings can look particularly good when finished with chair covers that tie in with your other outdoor decorations.

If you have decided you do need chair covers you shouldn't be afraid to point this out to the venue and ask them if there is anything they can do to improve their chairs. They may have access to chair covers or offer to get some at a reduced rate. After all the venue will have much better leverage over suppliers to get better discounts that you or I could ever achieve. If not there are loads of suppliers online.

Whatever you decide regarding your cheap wedding chair covers, take your time, check out all the options and make the decision after consulting your budget.

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