My Top 10 Love Songs For Weddings:

When choosing love songs for weddings, the sky’s the limit.

Your wedding day is your big opportunity to show your family and friends how much you love each other and your choice of music is a great way of creating the right atmosphere.

Music is, of course, a very personal choice. It has a powerful effect on you and your guests’ mood. A song can conjure up happy memories, such as your first date or first kiss!

Don’t forget you don’t have to have all your music made up of love songs, you can have some more up tempo choices and even some funny wedding songs to punctuate different parts of your day.

Love songs tend to be used for the most romantic moments of the big day, the most obvious being your first dance as husband and wife. You could also use them as processional or recessional music, or during the signing of the register. Do bear in mind the tempo of the song if you’re planning to use it as a first dance or to walk down the aisle to – it could be quicker than you think!

Also, it pays to check the lyrics. Some romantic sounding songs may actually have quite depressing lyrics. I’d thought the Beach Boys ‘God only knows’ would be good in the playlist until I realised it starts with “I may not always love you” – hardly the tone I was aiming for!

My Top 10 Love Songs For Weddings:

Here are some of my favourites to give you a few ideas – remember it’s whatever floats your boat. These are slower tempo songs (and therefore easier to dance to).

  1. Faith Hill – This kiss (our actual first dance song!)
  2. Van Morrison – Have I told you lately
  3. Elvis Presley – Can’t help falling in love
  4. Vanessa Williams – Save the best for last
  5. Roberta Flack – First time ever I saw your face
  6. Nat King Cole – When I fall in love
  7. Take That – Greatest day
  8. Take That – Rule the world
  9. Harry Connick Junior – It had to be you
  10. Vanessa Williams – Save the best for last

The key to choosing love songs for weddings is to make sure they strike a chord with you – either they hold a significant meaning or you just really like them. All that’s left is for you to crank up the stereo, sit back and enjoy choosing your music!

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