Cheap Wedding Dresses
in the UK & Ireland

When you’re looking for cheap wedding dresses in the UK or Ireland you’ll come across the issues every other bride has experienced.

You'll end up having to set a few days aside to physically go round all the wedding dress suppliers you can think of before you’ll find the one you're after. Then you’ll likely end up choosing one that you never dreamt would look good on you (at least that’s what I and many other past brides have done).

I feel your pain and I know how difficult it can be. Unfortunately there isn't really any other way of doing it. At least until you manage to figure out what dress it is that you want or narrow it down to a few possibilities.

At that point you can either try to negotiate a better price with the shop owner where you tried it on. Or try to source it online to see if you can get a better price there. To be honest both options have their plusses and minuses as the shop will likely be a bit more expensive but you can physically try it on and get a really good feel for what it will be like to wear all day.

Alternatively, online suppliers will usually be cheaper but you won't get to try it on until you’ve paid for it and it arrives in the post. However if you’ve left enough time that shouldn’t be an issue as you will still have time to either return it if it’s not right of relax if it is.

Only you will be able to decide which method suits your requirements and budget, but in order to help I've provided a few links below to some online companies that offer different cheap wedding dress services from affordable bespoke wedding dresses, to cheap wedding dresses and even used wedding dresses in the UK and Ireland including Northern Ireland.


Used Wedding Dresses - these second hand wedding dresses or "vintage wedding dresses" are a great way of either getting a designer dress at a substantial discount.

Sorry no suppliers yet so please use the search bar below to find what you're looking for.

Cheap Wedding Dresses - There are loads of places online where you can get affordable wedding dresses but I've tried to add sites where you can be assured of good service and a solid returns policy. If you do have a negative experience with any of these suppliers please do let me know.

Sorry no results yet but please use the following search bar below to find the type of supplier you're after.

For those of you trying to find your perfect wedding dresses in the UK and Ireland I do hope the above links have been useful. But if you haven't been able to find anything that's to your taste then please have a look at my other articles on lots of different types of cheap wedding dresses.

In these articles you’ll be able to find some more inspiration, and keep checking back here as I'll be adding to this page on an on-going basis as and when I find other online wedding dress suppliers that offer both good value and good service.

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