Honeymoon Travel Deals
and How to Reduce Your Costs.

There are literally thousands of honeymoon travel deals available out there on the web and on your high street.

However, I want to show you how to get the best value and reduce your costs on these deals.

Anyone can find honeymoon travel deals online, all you have to do is type it into your search engine and then spend days trawling through the endless list it produces, only to find the "deals" are not actually any cheaper than the other prices you have looked at.

In order to truly get a deal you will have to think a little bit more laterally.

Many brides think of the honeymoon costs as being the flights and accommodation. BIG MISTAKE, don’t fall into this trap. Once you have paid for the flights and accommodation, you still need to factor in the cost of transfers to and from the airport (at the start and end of the honeymoon). Food and drink, excursions (scuba diving, sight seeing etc.), taxi fares, tips, the list goes on and on.

I don't want to be the one to put a downer on your cheap honeymoon travel deal, but if you let things get out of hand your cheap deal could end up costing you a small fortune. However if you allow for all these costs at the outset there should be no unpleasant surprises later. Plus it may be enough to make you decide on that all inclusive honeymoon which you initially thought was too expensive.

We almost booked a fly-drive honeymoon in Las Vegas and the west coast of America until we looked into the costs of the excursions, car hire, fuel costs etc. When we tallied it all up, our “cheap honeymoon” was a lot more expensive than the all-inclusive honeymoon we eventually did book.

Below are a few tips and pointers which should hopefully help you achieve your perfect affordable honeymoon:

  1. Open a wedding list with your travel company – As far as honeymoon travel deals go this is one of the best. Maybe you have lived together and have all the household things you need, or you simply want to reduce your spend on the honeymoon – if so this option could work for you. We did this and were surprised at just how generous our friends and family were. Most of the larger travel companies can offer a gift list where your guests can pay into the gift list and leave you a message.

    You will normally have to pay for the honeymoon up front (Top Tip - if you pay by credit card, you should be able to get the total donated by your guests credited back onto your credit card). If you pay by cheque or cash you will likely only be entitled to travel vouchers in lieu of the gift list total. So always check out the full details of the gift list scheme before you book your honeymoon.

  2. Stick to your budget - You should set your budget carefully before you start trying to save money. If you have an accurate budget for your wedding you will already know how much you have to spend on the honeymoon. Only at that point should you decide on a honeymoon location or shortlist of your favourite honeymoon spots. At this point you can use some of my money saving options below.
  3. Cheap honeymoon cruise packages - This is a fantastic way of saving money and getting a good value honeymoon. You will be able to reduce the cost further if you can leave from a domestic port as you won't have to pay for flights. You can also reduce the cost by booking a short cruise for a few nights or by booking an internal cabin.
  4. Stay local - If your honeymoon budget is very tight, why not stay in a local hotel? You should always be able to find local hotels with special offers or honeymoon travel deals available. By saving on the airfares and only staying a few nights, you can have a very romantic ’mini-moon’ for a very reasonable price. Don't forget to tell them you are on honeymoon, you may well get some freebies!
  5. Go off-season - No matter where or when you get married, it will be off-season somewhere. Check out which locations are off season during the month you are to get married and you should be able to get yourself a cheap honeymoon at some of your favourite honeymoon spots. Bear in mind, however, what the weather will be like out of season.
  6. Stay in a casino hotel - Casino hotels are normally high quality and more affordable than comparable non-casino hotel rooms as they work on the principle that you will spend money in their casino while you are there. If you do go for this option, be careful not to spend all the money you saved on the casino floor!
  7. Win your honeymoon - I know, you are thinking the chances of winning a honeymoon are soooo slim. Well you are probably right, but someone has to win them and if you don't enter the competition, it definitely won't be you.

    Worst case scenario, you will get a little spam, but best case scenario you will win a beautiful honeymoon (normally in one of the top honeymoon locations) free of charge. So what have you to lose, enter as many of the honeymoon competitions as you can (good luck!).

So by all means look for the best honeymoon travel deals you can find, but also bear in mind the ways of further reducing your costs when booking any of the affordable honeymoon destinations.

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