My Top Honeymoon Locations
On a Budget.

I know what you're thinking, top honeymoon locations on a budget, not possible! Well, if you are careful with your choices, you can stay in some of my top honeymoon spots.

There are lots of options when considering how to save money on your honeymoon ideas from looking for the best honeymoon travel deals online, booking cheap honeymoon packages, camping, travelling off-season, to choosing a lower star rated hotel. Four or five star hotels in any location will be expensive, however if you choose a three star hotel in the same location you can immediately reduce the cost of your honeymoon without compromising on the location.

Below are my top honeymoon locations that can be done on a budget:

  1. Las Vegas - Stay at a Casino hotel as they will charge less for good quality accommodation. They can do this as they work on the principle that if you are staying in their hotel you are more likely to spend your money in their casino. (Just be careful not to fall into their trap!).
  2. Mexico - Mexico has long been a popular location for honeymooners and as a location for cheap honeymoon packages.
  3. Dominican Republic - This is the eastern side of the Hispaniola Island in the Caribbean, and the island is the second largest in the Caribbean after Cuba. (The western side of the Island is Haiti).
  4. Paris - Arguably the most romantic city in the world and for those of you in the UK and Europe, it is easily accessible via the train network or by the budget airlines.
  5. Florida - This is America's most popular holiday state. It has something for everyone, whether you want to lie by the pool or beach, or you want to sightsee or shop till you drop, it's all in Florida. Plus with it being so popular there are a lot of travel companies offering deals.
  6. St Lucia - This beautiful Caribbean island hosts numerous grades of beautiful hotels where you can choose bed and breakfast, full board or all inclusive. (A personal favourite of mine as this is where we went thanks to our guests giving us travel vouchers instead of presents).
  7. The British Isles - The UK and Ireland are often overlooked as honeymoon destinations. There is a hugely diverse history with many very beautiful locations throughout England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, and Republic of Ireland. Plus all five locations are easily accessible from the others.
  8. Italy - Possibly some of the most beautiful and romantic scenery anywhere in the world. Romance simply oozes out of every aspect of this fantastic country. High points are Lake Como and the Amalfi coast, although these can be very expensive so stay elsewhere and visit them on a day trip.
  9. Aruba - A magical beach paradise with beautiful undisturbed white sand beaches and tall palm trees, where you can easily soak up the Caribbean sun.
  10. Costa Rica - Costa Rica is consistently ranked in the world’s top 10 honeymoon destinations. It has exciting rainforests, beautiful sandy beaches, luxurious spas and fantastic weather.

As you can see if you are clever and take a little time to think about it, you can stay in some of the top honeymoon locations in the world yet still get an affordable honeymoon at less than you may have thought possible.

There are lots of affordable honeymoon destinations that will fit all budgets and if your budget won't stretch that far, check out my article on very cheap honeymoon ideas.

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