Seal and Send Wedding Invitations -
Are They the Future?

Seal and Send wedding invitations (or Seal ‘n Send) are one of the great wedding invitation ideas to hit the market in recent years. They're also a great way to save you money, hassle and time.

They'll reduce your workload significantly as all the information your guests will need can be printed onto a single card which folds out several times to reveal all the information such as maps, local hotels taxi firms etc.

You can even have a tear off section at the end which acts as the RSVP section. You could even get this RSVP section pre-addressed so all your guests have to do is tear it off fill it out and post it back to you.

seal and send wedding invitation

Once you receive your invites and write your guests names etc on them, you simply fold up the invites and stick down the last section thus doing away with the need for an envelope (further cost reduction). Then all you need to do is simply write your guests names and address on the front or create a document on your computer with all your guests’ names and addresses that can be printed onto adhesive labels), stick on a stamp, et voila it’s good to go.

Some suppliers may be able to print the guests name and address on the outside of the seal and send invitation, but obviously this will bump up the price.

There are lots of online stationery companies who can print your seal and send wedding invitations and they'll all have a selection of designs, which may not be as extensive as with conventional wedding invitations, but you should easily be able to get one that works and I'm guessing many of you won’t mind as long as it means keeping your costs low.

You should also consider local print companies in your area as they should be able to make your own design of seal and send wedding invitations – discuss you design ideas with them and they should be able to do you a good deal (don't forget to haggle).

Or consider the many free printable wedding invitations available online (again, normally your choice of design will be a little more restricted).

The beauty of seal and send invitations is that they greatly reduce those laborious evenings spent ensuring all the right components go into each and every individual envelope.

Dealing with the stationery was my least favourite part of the wedding planning so anything which makes it easier has got to be a good thing! Plus eco-conscious couples will likely also like the fact that it cuts down on the amount of paper needed and you could even get them printed on recycled paper.

As always don't forget to factor in the cost of postage and the fact that the overall size of the letter when folded up and sealed will affect the cost of postage.

As with any wedding stationery, the more elaborate the design and the more colours used, the more expensive it will be. By combining the wedding invitation, RSVP card and any other information in one document, seal and send wedding invitations are a very convenient and low cost alternative to the traditional style of wedding invitations.

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