Find a Wedding Cake Supplier

Finding a wedding cake supplier who can do your wedding justice and stay within your required budget can be difficult. So in this section I’ve gathered some local wedding cake suppliers who’ll be able to help you out.

We all know how important the wedding cake is to the vast majority of brides. After all it is probably the second most photographed aspect of your day (after you of course) so it’s nice to have a cake that will look great in the pictures as well as taste great once it’s been cut.

There really is nothing like a beautifully decorated wedding cake and while there are many brides out there who’ll be happy to take this aspect of their wedding day on themselves. Many of us simply don’t have the time or the inclination (not to mention skill) to take on something as intricate as the wedding cake and if that’s you don’t worry.

There are lots of companies who for a small fee will be glad to make and decorate your wedding cake for you. What’s more you won’t have to cut out a single sugar flower or attach any ribbons yourself.

It’s really simple to use:

Have a quick look down the list of suppliers below and when you see one that takes your interest simply click on the name of the company and you’ll be taken to their listing page where they’ll be able to tell you a little more about what they can offer you and a little more about them and their company.

The wedding cake company listings towards the top, in pink boxes are premium listings and feature a few extra features such as a contact box to allow you to send them a message right from their information page and where appropriate a map to show where they’re located.

What if there’s none in your area?

If there are no listings in your area simply use the search bar below. Just type in the name of your town followed by “wedding cakes” or “wedding cake decoration” (without the “”). Then press the search button and you’ll get a list of local wedding cake suppliers for you to follow up on.

If you’re still stuck have a look through my articles on cheap wedding cakes where you’ll find lots of ideas on how to save money on your wedding cake and even how to make your own wedding cake along with many other wedding cake ideas

Good luck.


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