Wedding Car Decorations

In the past, wedding car decorations were very popular and very few weddings would have passed without the car getting decorated to within an inch of its life.

People used shaving foam, banners, balloons, streamers and so on, not to mention the obligatory tin cans tied to the back bumper and the "Just Married" bumper sticker.

Today however decorating the wedding car has fallen from grace a little. Personally I think it's no bad thing as I've been to weddings where guests got a little over exuberant and ended up damaging the car.

Don't get me wrong; I'm all for a bit of fun, but there are a few issues that need to be considered before decorating the wedding car.

wedding car decoration
  1. Cars are expensive: there is a good chance the car has been supplied by a friend or family member and if not it may have been rented. Either way it is someone’s pride and joy and I'm guessing they would not react well if their pride and joy were to get damaged.

    Shaving foams and other chemicals appear innocent enough, but when left on paint these chemicals could potentially damage the paint finish. Plus when people start decorating a car they can get carried away and can unwittingly damage the vehicle in some way.

  2. Consider the law: while it is extremely unlikely the police would pull over a decorated wedding car, it is possible if they feel it is either a danger to itself or to other drivers.

    For example, if car decorations cover the windscreen or obscure the driver’s view they may present a hazard to the driver or other road users.

I guess what I trying to say is, think about what could happen to the car you have borrowed or rented and who would have to pay for that damage if the worst were to happen. By all means place a few discrete car decorations on it but speak to the owner first. That way you, and more importantly they, shouldn't get any nasty surprises a day or two after your wedding day.

Wedding car decorations are not the same as decorating your venue. It belongs to someone else so you should always be respectful or you could end up with a large bill to repair it.

There are lots of online companies that sell good wedding car decorations that won't cause any damage to the vehicle so my advice would be to have a quiet word with your best man before your wedding day, explain your concerns and ask him to make sure the car is ok.

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