Cheap Wedding Photography Tips

Looking for wedding photography tips? Read on to find out how to make sure the pictures taken by your selected DIY wedding photographers are as good as they can be.

Even if you’re having a professional wedding photographer, these tips are still relevant. As professional wedding photographer will be there for a set amount of time and will take the photos that you’ve agreed with them. Using friends and family as cheap wedding photographers to get additional pictures makes absolute sense as they’re free and you’ll end up with hundreds of additional pictures of your day.

The professional wedding photographer will get great formal pictures, but what about the less formal shots that capture the true feeling of your wedding day? Shots like great aunt Molly slow dancing with the best man or your nephews and nieces hiding under the table.

wedding photography tips

Don’t get me wrong, formal wedding pictures have their place but it’s the funny and informal pictures that you’ll look at for years to come that will make you laugh or smile, so it’s always nice to have as many of these unique wedding photos as possible.

By simply following my tips below you should be able to get hundreds of great quality wedding photographs that you can then turn into an album. This could be instead of having a professional photographer or to complement your professional wedding album.

cheap wedding photographers

My wedding photography tips:

  1. Choose your photographers. I'd suggest starting with anyone you know has an interest in photography; they probably won’t need much direction and will happily snap away. Then go with a mixture of wedding party members and guests. The wedding party members will be there for all the good wedding related shots and the guests will be able to take shots while the wedding party members are posing for photos themselves.

  2. Use good quality digital cameras. Provided you have memory cards with sufficient memory to store a lot of high resolution photos, you can get them to click away at everything and anything and when done you can delete the shots that don’t work. You'll be amazed at how many of your guests will have good quality cameras at home.

    Other advantages of taking high resolution shots is that you’ll be able to edit them to cut out things that shouldn’t be in shot and crop pictures while still maintaining good resolution. It also means you can enlarge pictures without losing the detail.

  3. Make sure your photographers have spare batteries or chargers so they don’t lose power at an opportune moment!

  4. Prepare a list of pictures that you’d like for each location i.e. getting ready, at home, transport, arriving, service, post service, meet and greet, reception, cake, speeches etc. Under each of these titles make a list of all the pictures you'd like and give a copy of the list to all your photographers. Don’t worry about getting duplicates of shots as each guest will be taking their photos from a different angle.

  5. Ask your DIY photographers not just to take simple pictures of a person filling the frame. Ask them to capture interesting things in the background or foreground which will give the pictures depth. Also suggest that not all shots are taken with the subject in the centre of the picture. If there's something interesting in the background put the main subject off centre or in a corner.

  6. Ask your helpers to take close-ups of anything they think may be interesting such as shoes, flowers, ribbons etc. If they have a camera with a good quality zoom it’s easy to take shots of guests without them knowing. By doing this they don’t “pose” for the camera and you’ll get some really lovely, natural pictures.
cheap wedding photography

Whether you want to use the above method to get wedding photos to complement or in place of a professional photographer, my wedding photography tips should help you avoid the most common mistakes and provide you with hundreds of good quality wedding photographs that you haven’t had to pay for.

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