Choosing the Best Wedding Reception Songs

The best wedding reception songs may not be the coolest or hippest music in the world but they works for weddings.

Just because it’s not necessarily something that you’d choose to listen to on your daily commute to work isn’t a reason to dismiss it from your wedding playlist. After all your wedding day isn’t just another day, it’s going to be one of the most fun, romantic and memorable days of your life and that should be reflected in your music choices.

The First Dance Music:

Everyone’s different, but in my opinion this needs to be a romantic song that says something about how happy you are together and how much you love each other. Don’t forget this is a song that’ll make you remember your first dance and your wedding day every time you hear it in the future. They often become “your song” so don’t feel you have to rush and pick it quickly, take a little time and listen to as many options as possible before choosing.

Listening to potential wedding music isn’t particularly difficult work and it’ll even help distress you a little, which has to be a good thing while you plan the rest of your wedding.

Once you’ve narrowed your first dance music down to the final few, listen to all the words really carefully as it’s easy to get caught up with the music and not really hear all the words, so just listen to them carefully to make sure they’re appropriate to how you feel and there’s not a line in it somewhere about splitting up etc.

Balance Your Music Choices:

Most of you will likely have a fairly varied age group of guests attending your wedding and it’s important not to alienate the different age groups. If you do you’ll find that half your guests will lose interest when the music starts.

I appreciate that it’s impossible to please everyone and your older guests will likely expect the music to be catered towards your younger guests. But why not surprise them by making some careful music choices that will appeal to all your guests.

Achieving this isn’t as hard as you may think. Just try to think of classic artists and music that all age groups are familiar with, such as classic Rat Pack, Elvis or Frank Sinatra etc. These artists have a huge selection of music that every one of your guests will be familiar with. So if you mix this music in with your other music choices and a few classic floor fillers (to keep the dance floor full) you should be able to appeal to the majority of your guests.

If you’re struggling for ideas for your wedding music song list you should be able to find a few here.

In conclusion, the best wedding reception songs and wedding music ideas out there aren’t always songs that you might immediately choose based on popular music culture.

You don’t need to stick to modern music, just try to include as many of your guests as possible. It’s ok to aim the majority of your music towards your younger guests as they are more likely to dance for longer, but also include music that will appeal to both old and young to encourage your older guests to hit the dance floor too.

Don’t forget an empty dance floor will kill the atmosphere at your wedding really quickly!

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