Building Your Wedding Music Song List

Creating your wedding music song list is great fun. Sure it’ll take some time, but what better way to relax than listening to some great music.

Using the tool below you can even listen to samples of some wedding music in the background while you do other things and when a track jumps out at you, simply download it and add it to your playlist – Easy!

You’ll no doubt already have a few wedding music ideas and songs that you absolutely have to use and you’ll probably already have a good idea what you want to use for your first dance and what you want to walk down the aisle to, or at least have a few likely candidates.

Plus if your other half’s anything like mine they’ll likely have a few sarcastic choices like ‘Another One Bites the Dust by Queen’ but no real suggestions. So for many of you it’ll probably be up to you to come up with the wedding song playlist.

As I’ve said above, you’ll no doubt have a few song or music ideas already but if you’re planning on making up an entire wedding music song list that’s capable of keeping your guests on the dance floor all night plus coming up with the music choices for the service then you’ll need a few more.

For example if you assume a typical song lasts say 3 minutes and you want to provide a playlist for 3 hours dancing then you’re going to need around 60 songs!

Don’t panic, help is at hand in the form of those wonderful people at Amazon and ITunes. Most of us own an MP3 player, either an IPod or an android unit and that means it’s easy to go through your existing music collection and create a playlist from those. Then you can go onto one of the above sites or use one of the tools below to get the rest of the songs you need.

Amazon UK:

Rather than telling you about various individual songs etc. that I like but may not appeal to you, I’ve provided a sample player from Amazon. In it I’ve placed some examples of some of Amazon’s most popular and/or highly rated wedding compilations.

You can click on the album you want to hear and then the individual songs to hear a sample. Then if you like what you hear you can buy and download it.

I’ve tried to add a variety of different types of wedding music from classical wedding music to music for civil ceremonies, church wedding music and popular music choices for your evening reception plus a few more.

If you still can’t find something that you like you can use the following search tool to search the Amazon site where you’ll be able to choose from thousands of tracks.

Wow, still nothing, well if all else fails you can get a few ideas for funning wedding songs and other wedding music suggestions in my articles on wedding music, who knows they might just give you the inspiration you need.

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