Cheap Plus Size Wedding Dresses
What to Look For

Looking for cheap plus size wedding dresses shouldn't be a chore. For most brides, the highlight of the wedding planning is getting ‘The Dress’.

However, fuller-figured brides may be a bit apprehensive at the prospect. You may think that finding a plus size wedding dress, let alone a cheap plus size wedding dress is a tall order.

Perhaps you've found the selection in bridal shops to be limited or you may have had embarrassing or upsetting experiences squeezing yourself into sample dresses that are a little smaller than you'd like.

Fear not ladies! The bridal world has finally woken up to the fact that not all brides are of model proportions. There are now lots of designers who cater for fuller figured brides, offering styles in (UK) sizes 8 to 32 and beyond.

Here are a few pointers to help you get your perfect plus size wedding dress that you'll feel fantastic in.

  1. Keep it simple – go for a dress with less detailing, if you do want some details try to keep it to a minimum such as light beading on the hem or neckline. Basically, the less fussy the dress the more flattering it will be.

  2. Avoid pleated skirts – as these will make you look bulkier.

  3. If you're tall – you'll be able to get away with a straight style, however if you're short the straight style is one to be avoided.

  4. Sleeves – Most of the larger brides I speak to prefer to have sleeves to cover their upper arms and if this is the case a cap sleeve can look very good.

  5. Strapless – This is a style you should think very carefully about before you commit to it. Strapless dresses usually have to be very tight fitting in order to get enough support to stay up.

    Ultimately the choice is yours, but they can be unflattering to the larger bride. Plus you don’t want to constantly pulling it up during the reception.

  6. Have it made – don’t be afraid of having the dress made. More and more brides are choosing this route. The majority of brides don’t conform to the “designer’s size 10” whether that means larger, taller or smaller, lots of brides are having their wedding dresses custom made. That way they get a perfect fit and their perfect design.

  7. Use a bodice - this will make the most of your curves and look fabulous on your big day, consider cheap plus size wedding dresses that have a fitted bodice shape and an A-line skirt.  A corset nips in your waist giving you a gorgeous hour-glass shape, while the skirt skims over your lower half.

    Draped style dresses can also look good, but avoid horizontal drapes and go with diagonal ones as these will flatter your figure more.

The same advice applies when searching for your plus size wedding dress as  searching for any other cheap wedding dress. Check out my cheap wedding dress page for more help.

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