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Thank you for visiting the submission guidelines section for listing your wedding company on

Unfortunately we do have to restrict the type of companies that we allow to list on our site to wedding related businesses for obvious reasons. However our directory covers all aspects of the wedding industry, so even if your business type isn't already listed please feel free to submit your details as we will create a new category if we feel it's relevant.

We also have some rules which we like to make transparent to everyone before they submit a listing. But you'll be glad to hear they're really straight forward and easy to comply with.

Submission Guidelines:

  1. Your company must be wedding related and you must either be based in the UK or Ireland including Northern Ireland or be capable of supplying your products or services to these areas.

  2. Your listing must contain a minimum of 350 words. If your listing is less than 350 words it’s less likely that the search engines will rank it as a page in its own right, making it much more difficult to get found in the search results.

  3. All listings MUST be original, non-duplicate content. Please do not copy and paste text from your website or other sources as the search engines will penalise your page (and our site) pushing it down the search results. For this reason we do check all submissions with duplicate detecting software and any duplicate content will unfortunately be refused.

  4. All listings will have social media features to enable readers to interact and spread your details virally.

  5. Listings can be updated or amended by contacting us (up to twice per month) free of charge.

  6. We are a family friendly website and we will not link to adult themed or illegal websites or sites that link to adult or illegal sites. We will not link to mirror sites or sits that are contain predominately affiliate products.

  7. All submitting websites must be written in English.

  8. We reserve the right to edit or reject submissions.

Additional Submission Guidelines for Basic Listings:

  1. Basic listings may contain ad blocks for other services.

  2. Basic listings will not contain a live link to your site, although it will contain your URL address so readers can get to your site by cutting and pasting it into their browser. Your listing will also detail you telephone number, address and email address (if you provide these).

  3. Basic listings last for 12 months and you can upgrade to a premium listing at any time by contacting us.

Additional Submission Guidelines for Premium Listings:

  1. Premium listings will contain a live link (all links will be in accordance with Google’s guidelines) and will link to your homepage (no deep links are permitted).

  2. Your site must be complete, we will not link to sites that are under construction and we will not link to mirror sites.

  3. Your submission page will be professionally edited, formatted and optimized for relevant key words prior to being listed. It will then be sent to you for approval before going live

  4. Any photos, logos, artwork or promotional video should be supplied at the time of submission. If you do not have artwork we can create it for you for an additional fee. If you require this service please contact us for more details.

  5. Premium listings will appear at the top of the results page, above basic listings.

  6. We will create a secure contact box where interested readers can contact your directly from your listing. This will send an email directly to your inbox and provide you with the person’s details and message so that you can contact them at your directly.

  7. Premium listings will have all additional ads removed meaning the only company listed on your page is you.

  8. If you would like to offer an incentive coupon to encourage readers to visit your site you can supply the artwork at the time of submission or at any time during your advertising period. If required we can assist you in the creation of coupon artwork for an additional fee.

  9. We will embed a Google map showing the location of your business. The location map will also be provided to you for approval prior to going live.

  10. All fees must be paid in full at the time of submission. If your submission isn’t accepted for any reason we will refund your payment in full.

We don’t believe in setting up recurring payment schemes in the hope that you’ll forget about it and send us money year on year until you remember. One month before your listing is due to expire we’ll contact you to see if you would like to renew. Provided you’re entirely satisfied we’ll ask you to renew your payment for another 6 or 12 months.

We’re a small but reputable company and believe in treating people the way we’d like to be treated. So we don’t have any onerous submission guidelines or hidden small print. We want to help you be more successful by getting your company details in front of as many brides as possible, that way we both win.

If you still have any questions about listing with us please don’t hesitate to contact me by using the contact box below and I’ll get back to you as quickly as possible. You can also see some of the frequently asked questions regarding our submission guidelines below.

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Submission Guidelines FAQ's:

Qu. - Why do I not get a live link on the basic listing?

Ans. - It is company policy not to give live links on free listings, but we do provide the URL of your website so readers can still copy and paste your web address into their browser to go directly to your website. We also provide your telephone number and other contact details (if provided) so that our readers can call you.

Qu. - Why can I not list for 1 month?

Ans. - It can take up to a month or two for your listing to start ranking with the search engines so a listing for a month would not give you any significant rewards. Also, due to the amount of work involved in building a premium page we cannot list companies in this section for less than 6 months.

Qu. - How will I know if people are being sent to my website?

Ans. - By using tracking software such as Google analytics you’ll be able to see which sites your visitors are being referred from.

Qu. - What happens after my free or premium listing expires?

Ans. - One month before your listing is due to expire we’ll contact you to see if you want to renew. If you do we'll leave basic listings live or process payment for your premium listing. If you do not want to relist we will remove your page when your listing expires.

Qu. - Can I upgrade from a basic listing to a premium listing?

Ans. - Yes, you can upgrade to a premium listing at any time by contact us and requesting an upgrade. We’ll ask you to provide us with some additional information such as additional pictures etc.

We’ll then rebuild your listing to include all the premium features such as a live link to your website, an embedded Google map showing your company location, a discount coupon (if required), a contact form which will enable readers to email you directly from your listing, an embedded promotional video (if supplied). We’ll also edit, format and optimise your listing for appropriate keywords.

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