Wedding catering companies and bar services

When it comes to wedding catering companies and bar services if you’re anything like me this is an area of your cheap wedding planning that you’re not really looking forward to.

However, it’s a bit like anything else and the thought is much worse than the reality of actually doing it. The reason many brides tend to fear it is simply because most of us have no previous experience dealing with catering companies. But don’t worry, I’m here to dispel the myths and try to make the process as straight forward and painless as possible.

First things first; I assume you’ve already decided on, if you haven’t already booked, your venue. If not you should sort your venue first. That way you’ll know if they already provide catering or maybe they provide kitchen facilities etc.

The same goes for your bar facilities, you need to make sure they’re licensed and make sure you know exactly what they can offer you in terms of bar facilities and what’s included in the cost of the venue. Do they have a bar on site, can they staff it, do they allow you to bring your own bottles of wine etc. and if so do they charge a corkage fee?

Check out my article on what to ask your venue as It’s really important to know what you’re going to need before you start speaking to individual catering and bar companies.

How to find wedding catering companies and bar services:

This is really straight forward, simply scan the list of suppliers below to find one in your area and then click on their name to be taken to their own personal page where you’ll be able to find out more about them, what they offer and get their contact details.

The top companies on the list in the pink boxes even have contact forms on their page so you can send them a message without leaving their page.

What if there isn’t any wedding catering companies or bar suppliers in your area?

No problem, we’re adding to this list on an on-going basis but if there isn’t a company in your area simply use the search bar below to find what you’re after.
Type in what you’re looking for and your location then press the search button. For example “wedding bar hire London” or “bar hire London” will bring up a list of companies who offer wedding bar hire in the London area.

If you’re still struggling have a look at my articles on wedding venues, wedding finger food and wedding food which will hopefully give you some inspiration and keep you on the right track.

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