Getting Your Wedding lingerie Right

Choosing the correct wedding lingerie can be more difficult than you may think.

After all the effort you went to searching for your lovely wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses, you don’t want the effect ruined by the wrong lingerie.Plus you are going to have to wear it for a long time so it needs to be comfortable.

There are two routes you can go down: sexy or functional. Some brides may even do both - having sexy lingerie to change into at the end of the day.

wedding lingerie

The first is pretty obvious:

Every bride would like to wow the groom on the wedding night! Bear in mind though that any lace or bows may be visible through lighter dress fabrics. And it goes without saying to avoid dark colours (you can save the leopard-print for the honeymoon!).

Bear in mind that your wedding day is a very long day and although it will seem to fly by on the actual day it might be a very log day if your wedding lingerie is uncomfortable.

Consider the fact you will be standing about a bit during the ceremony and then seated for quite a while before dancing the night away so your underwear needs to be able to cope with all three.

The second option is functional underwear:

this can be a girl’s best friend, enhancing your good bits and sucking in or lifting any not-so-good bits. There are lots of clever underwear solutions (bras, corsets, all-in-ones, underpants, hosiery) for all shapes of brides and all styles of dresses.

Don't feel you have to wear sexy underwear the whole day. As I've already mentioned it is a long day and it's easy to get changed towards the end of the evening into your sexy underwear.

There are dedicated lingerie boutiques out there but as they tend to be very specialist you'll probably end up paying more than you will online or in the high street stores.

The good news is that the high street offers some excellent underwear – both of the sexy and functional varieties. It is important that wherever you buy your underwear, you get properly measured first. Poorly fitted underwear can create bumps and bulges which don't help when you're trying to create a sleek silhouette!

If you’re confident that you know your size, buying online can be a great way of making savings on your wedding lingerie. It also means you can get a huge choice, especially if you are looking for something quite specific.

If you're going to go down the online route you should order as early as you can and as usual check out their returns policy before ordering. Better safe than sorry, just in case it's not as you thought when it arrives.

You should also bear in mind that sizing can vary between manufacturers so always check. Most websites will have a measurements section showing you exactly how you should measure the various parts of your body.

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