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When you say weddings in Las Vegas to brides, you tend to get one of two opinions: some people love the idea and others are less than enthusiastic. Well if you are still reading, then I guess you are in my camp. I'm all for fun weddings that are a little different and a pleasant break from the norm.

When it comes to weddings in Las Vegas, there are no restrictions, literally anything goes. You could attend one of the many wedding chapels in Las Vegas, have a Harley Davidson style wedding service or go a little more traditional by opting for one of the many Las Vegas hotel weddings. Plus, if you want to have a themed Elvis wedding, or get married by ‘The King’ himself then Las Vegas is the only place to do it.

wedding Chapels in Vegas

Once you have decided Vegas is the place for you, how do you go about organising it?

Well there are several things you will have to consider when planning your wedding in Las Vegas(these are the less romantic items, but they do need to be done):

1. Legal requirements - you and your groom will need to appear in person at the Marriage Licence Bureau in the county Court House to get your marriage licence (approximately $55). You will need to bring certified birth certificates with you.

If you are not from the States you will need to obtain (in Vegas) a marriage certificate (approximately $10) and an Apostille (an official certificate issued to documents so they will be recognised in member states without further Legalisation) from the Nevada secretary of State (approximately $20).

Las Vegas doesn't require you to wait before getting married so once the legal requirements are sorted you can get married straight away.

2. Consider the time of year - two of the busier times to get married in Vegas are Valentine’s Day (for obvious reasons) and New Year’s Eve (which is a busy time for general tourism in Las Vegas). Around Valentine’s Day the chapels and hotels will be busy and you could end up queuing for hours to get into a wedding chapel. The hotels will be very busy around New Year so if you want to get married at this time you will need to make sure your guests have booked early.

Many people go ahead and plan their cheap wedding in Las Vegas without considering the weather. Please don't make this mistake as it can get very hot (to be standing around in a tux and a heavy wedding dress) at certain times of the year:

MonthLow Temp. High Temp. Rainfall (inches)
 deg. Cdeg. Fdeg. Cdeg. F 
January 1 34 14 58 0.50
February 3 39 17 63 0.45
March 7 44 20 69 0.40
April 11 51 25 78 0.20
May 16 60 31 88 0.20
June 21 69 38 100 0.20
July 23 74 38 100 0.45
August 23 74 39 103 0.55
September 19 66 35 95 0.30
October 12 54 28 82 0.25
November 6 43 19 67 0.45
December 1 34 14 58 0.30

3. Consider time scales - if you are going to get married in one of the many wedding chapels in Vegas, don't think you will be able to hang around before or after the service for long as they tend to usher you through quite quickly (on average allow around 30 minutes). Most of the Vegas wedding chapels will offer a choice of civil or religious ceremonies and usually provide a minister or Rabbi plus witnesses (if required).

4. Hair & Makeup - when it comes to getting your hair and makeup done, this should be quite straight forward! There are lots of places off the strip where you can get these done or if you are staying at one of the many hotels with salons, you can get it done there. Top Tip - book in plenty of time to ensure you can get the time slot you require.

Ok so that's the less glamorous bits of weddings in Las Vegas sorted, now all you have to do is decide on how you want to do it. If you decide to use one of the many wedding chapels in Las Vegas, just follow the simple steps above and you shouldn't have any problems.

If, however, you decide that you don't want to deal with any of the red tape, then you could go for any of the wedding packages Las Vegas has to offer. These are easily found on-line, and most of the larger hotels will offer a wedding planner who will take care of everything for you. Plus the beauty of Las Vegas wedding packages is they can be as low key or as over the top as you want.

Cheap weddings in Las Vegas are a lot more straightforward than you may have thought. Well they are now that you know what you need to do and consider! Plus it's a great way of avoiding the cost of a huge reception at home and you can combine the wedding and honeymoon to save even more money (one set of flights covers the wedding and honeymoon).

After all, what could be better than a weddings in Las Vegas?... how about a wedding and honeymoon in Las Vegas! But don't forget to research any excursions you may want to do once you get there and find out how much they will cost (Vegas shows and helicopter tours of the Grand Canyon can be pretty expensive).

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