Perfect Wedding Cruises.

Wedding cruises are fast becoming all the rage with young and young at heart couples as a hassle free way of combining the wedding (without the stress) and the honeymoon. Not to mention the potential cost savings. This type of wedding is likely to suit those couples who are only planning a small wedding with a few close friends or immediate family (see also my section on Caribbean weddings ).

If you are careful, a wedding on a cruise ship can cost less than a normal wedding and your guests get to have a holiday at the same time.

Many couples find that their friends and family often offer to pay their own way as they are getting the benefit of a holiday. If you give them plenty of notice they can arrange it as their annual holiday. This will further reduce your costs.

Most of the cruise operators offer cruise wedding packages and when a cruise liner says "all inclusive" you can be pretty sure that means all inclusive. But (rule number one) always double check, ask what is included and what is not. That way you avoid any nasty surprises. Even normal cruises tend to be all inclusive so with a cruise wedding you should be able to get a few extras or upgrades thrown in.

Depending on the operator you choose, you should be able to get a wedding planner and a fully personalised wedding package. Many will give you the option as to where you want to have the service, either on board or on a beautiful sandy beach at one of the destinations.

It also means that if you are that way inclined you can have a much less formal wedding dress and suit (the wedding dress on its own could save you a substantial amount of money). This also extends to the bridal party as light summer dresses would be perfect and a fraction of the price of the traditional formal ,a href="">bridesmaid dress.

You will also potentially save money on decorations as you will get away with much fewer ,a href="">flowers and table decorations (these should be included anyway). The ship will have its own on board photographer (make sure photos are included or establish a price prior to booking) and you won’t need a car to take you to the service! Plus if you have the wedding after a few days of sun your photos will look great with a bit of a natural tan.

Typically a wedding cruise lasts seven days with around ten guests however some operators have reportedly catered for parties of 200.

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