Cheap Wedding Centrepieces
How to Achieve Them

Cheap wedding centrepieces (if done correctly) can finish your table decorations perfectly.

However they can also ruin the overall look if done incorrectly and they are normally the most visual reference point on your guests table setting.

When considering what type of inexpensive centrepieces you should go for there are (as always) a number of things you should consider:

  • K.I.S.S. (Keep it simple stupid)- as with many things in life and certainly most things wedding related, "less is more". Apart from keeping the cost down, keeping it simple tends to look more elegant and professional. After all you don't want wedding centrepieces that will consume the entire centre of the table and prevent your guests from being able to see each other. (If they can't make eye contact they won't talk to each other and the atmosphere will be non existent).
wedding centrepieces
  • Venue restrictions- I know I keep harping on about this, but do talk to your venue; they'll all have different rules regarding decorations. For example some may not permit candles; other may allow tea-lights but only in tea-light holders. Others may not allow you to bring your own electric fairy lights or may only allow air filled balloons and so on.
  • Talk to your venue - always talk to them before you buy anything, (it will only take a few minutes and it may prevent you wasting money buying something you're not allowed to use). Who knows, they may even be able to help you save money. Our venue had beautiful (very large) candelabras which they allowed us to use free of charge. If your venue can help you out like ours did it will obviously save you from having to buy or rent them yourself!

  • Use flowers- flowers can be very effective as wedding reception centrepieces, but again keep it simple. The more flowers you use the more expensive it will be (plus as mentioned above you want your guests to be able to see each other). Don't forget you will likely have more than one table to decorate, so always work out the cost of one table centrepiece and multiply that cost by the number of tables you have.

    That way you will get the true cost of your cheap wedding centrepieces (and don’t forget to allow adequate time to prepare them and set them up in the venue, if you are doing them yourself). A cheaper alternative to flowers is to use candelabras and decorate them with ivy and a few well placed individual flowers and candles. Another alternative is to use balloon centrepieces (much cheaper and is relatively easy to do yourself, so you can save the cost of a florist) or by using balloons you could just reduce the number of flowers you need to buy.

As with most elements of your wedding planning, it's very easy to get carried away. So before you commit to anything, step back consider it rationally (is this something you have to have or are you just getting caught up in the romance of it all?). Does it fit into your budget? If not don't be tempted to put it in, you don't need it.

Consider the cost. If your cheap wedding centrepieces prove too expensive by the time you multiply the cost for all the guest tables, then simplify them. This will serve two purposes: (at the risk of repeating myself, less can be more) it will potentially make them more elegant and more importantly it will save you money.

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