Simple Wedding Pew Decorations
Cheap and Beautiful

Wedding pew decorations are a simple and cheap way of lifting your church decorations, provided you don't get carried away.

Don't forget, as with aisle decorations they are not essential although your guests will have plenty of time to notice them as they wait for you to arrive. For this reason it makes sense to provide some decorations in the church and wedding pew decorations are a simple and cheap way of achieving this.

As I have already mentioned in my page on wedding aisle decorations less is definitely more and definitely cheaper! It's easy to get carried away and keep adding and adding "stuff" until you've spent a fortune on very gaudy decorations, please don't fall into this trap.

Get a friend (whose opinion you trust) to come with you. Tell them before hand to stop you if you’re going overboard. Take a few minutes to count the number of pew ends and then multiply that by the cost of each flower arrangement. If that doesn't convince you to think again nothing will!

wedding pew decorations
My tips for pew wedding decorations are as follows:

  • Flowers - try to choose locally available flowers that match your theme. If you are careful you may even be able to find these in local hedgerows or friends gardens (get permission). You'll only need a few to match your colours and you could reduce your costs further by only decorating alternate pews.

    Use lots of greenery to reduce the number of flowers you need. It's easy to make these up yourself as they don't have to be very intricate. When fixing the flower arrangements to the pews you can use ribbon or (my favourite) try cutting a bicycle inner tube into 2cm wide strips (like big elastic bands). Stretch these over the pew ends and use them to attach your decorations. Once finished you can hide the rubber bands with ribbon.

  • Inner tube rubber bands - these can also be used to attach anything you can think of that fits in with your theme. I have seen people attach lanterns but these tend to work out quite expensive as you will need significant numbers.
  • For a very simple and informal pew decoration - collect some old bits of drift wood or old boards from packing crates. Make up a stencil of your names and the date of your wedding and spray paint onto the planks to look like they’ve been branded. Finally drill two holes in the top, add a piece of frayed rope as a handle and hang over the ends of the pews with a few flowers poking through a third drilled hole.
  • Candles - these aren't a great idea for wedding pew decorations due to the obvious fire risk to the pews, carpet and your guests clothes. Personally I would use them on the window sills and leave the pews for flowers.
  • Tulle (or voile) - this is a wedding decorators greatest friend as it can be used just about anywhere. A strategic bow is easy to tie and looks great. You can even combine different colours or mix in bows of ribbon. It should be easy to get tulle to match the colour of your bridesmaid dresses or the flowers.

You can make your wedding pew decorations and aisle decorations as simple or as ornate as you wish, however my personal advice would be to keep it simple as this tends to look more elegant, be easier to prepare and cheaper.Check out my article on easy wedding decorations for more ideas.

Ultimately the choice is yours and with a little thought and preparation you will be able to come up with something that is right for your big day.

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