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Choosing from the hundreds of wedding ring companies out there can be a thankless task so we’ve set up this wedding ring suppliers list to hopefully make searching for local ring suppliers a little easier.

As with all pages in our directory we try to get a good spread of suppliers from as many areas as possible in the UK, Ireland and Northern Ireland. Unfortunately we can’t always guarantee that we will have what you’re looking for. So while we get established we would ask for any recommendations for companies that you’ve used and felt were worthy of being listed here.

Alternatively if you want you could always let the company know that they can submit their details to us for consideration.

Scan the list below to see if there are any wedding ring companies that suit your needs. If so click on their name and you’ll be taken to that companies page where you'll be able to read all about them and what they can offer you. If you’ve any questions for them you'll then be able use their contact details to call or email them to request more information. Or, on premium listings there will be a contact box on the page where you can send them a message without having to leave our site.

Wedding Ring Suppliers - Results:

What if you can't find what you're after?

Our listing service is an on-going project and we will add to it regularly so if there isn't a listing in your area at the moment please accept our apologies.

But don't panic you can still look for a ring supplier in your area by using the search bar below. Just type in what you're looking for followed by the town or county and hit the search button to get a list of suppliers in your area.

For example if you were to type "wedding rings Dublin" (but without the quotation marks) you'd get a list of wedding ring suppliers in the Dublin area.

That said, please feel free to suggest any ring suppliers who you think should be listed or tell them to get in touch with us.

If you still can't find what you're after have a quick read over my articles on cheap wedding rings which may help you come up with an alternative way of saving money on your wedding rings.

We’ve a full array of articles covering all aspects of buying wedding rings from wedding ring metal choices to ring profiles, tips on how to buy at the best value and even how to design your own wedding rings for less than you may have thought possible and many more in our cheap wedding rings section.

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