How to make Wedding Bouquets

I get asked how to make wedding bouquets all the time so I thought I should put it all down in an article for everyone to see.

First things first, bouquets are pretty straight forward to make yourself, provided you keep them simple. So don't let that put you off.

As with many things wedding related, there'll always be the temptation to make your wedding bouquet more and more intricate. So please try to remember the golden rule that "less is more".

Over complicating your wedding flowers is something I'd advise against for several reasons:

  1. The bouquet's there to complement you and the dress, not to overpower either, so keep it simple and elegant.

  2. The more intricate you make the bouquet the more flowers and accessories will be required and therefore the higher the cost and the heavier it will be. While the weight may seem irrelevant at the moment, don't forget you'll have to hold it for hours on your wedding day (plus you don't want to knock out one of your guests when you throw the bouquet later!).

Ok, we've established that it's easier, cheaper, lighter and arguably more elegant to keep it simple. The next step is to choose your wedding bouquet flowers and decide on a style.

Then sit back so I can show you how to make wedding bouquets.

how to make wedding bouquets

Simple Wedding Bouquets:

The following simple styles will allow you to make your own wedding bouquet easily.

  • Single flower wedding bouquet - this is obviously the simplest as it so straight forward you only have to cut the flower. Two of the more popular flowers used in this style include a single sunflower or lily. For obvious reasons this style suits large flowers better.

  • Simple posy bouquet - this is another straight forward type of bouquet which is easily created yourself. The posy is usually a small round arrangement which comprises of a small bunch of flowers that are tightly bunched together and then tied with florists tape and covered with ribbon. (See the video below by Tuscany florists in California).

How to Make Wedding Bouquets:

  • Presentation bouquet - this style originated in the early 1900's from the style of flowers presented at awards to actresses. It comprises long stemmed flowers bunched together simply with some foliage and then cradled in your arms like a baby.

    These are perhaps the simplest to arrange, the method is quite similar to the video above but instead of bunching the flower heads to form a ball you can spread the flowers and foliage out a little to elongate the bouquet. The tie them with tape or ribbon to keep them in shape during the day.

Whichever style you choose you can always add a little foliage to complete the bouquet and bulk it out. You can also personalise the bouquet with anything that is appropriate to you or the theme of your wedding. For example a small square of fabric to match the theme of the day or a family heirloom e.g. a broach can be worked into the arrangement.

With any type of bouquet you should research when each flower is in season and how long they will last out of water. This will then dictate when you'll need to buy the flowers to ensure they will last the whole day.

Top Tip:

Once you have your bouquet completed you can spray the flower heads with various professional spray products to keep your flowers looking fresh throughout the day. But a cheaper alternative is to use plain old clear hair spray. For more tips on preparing your own flowers see my articles on preparing DIY wedding flowers and cheap wedding bouquets.

I hope this article on how to make a wedding bouquet has helped to show that you can make a wedding bouquet yourself quite simply and save some money. Another alternative to making them yourself is to consider silk wedding bouquets as they involve no work on your part and they last forever.

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