Wedding Bouquet Flower Choice

Wedding bouquet flower choice is so important I felt it deserved its own page.

After all, if you choose a simple elegant style you should be able to make it yourself (and no one will ever know). So that only leaves the flowers to pay for...Or does it.

Even if you don't want to go down the DIY route there are still ways of reducing your costs by carefully considering where you get your flowers from and how you get them made up into bouquets. If you're careful it's even possible to get them for nothing.

I've several tips you can employ when obtaining cheap flowers for the bouquet.

wedding bouquet flower

Sources for wedding bouquet flowers:

  • From a florist - This is the most straight forward method however it is also probably the most expensive. So, in order to reduce the cost:

    - Order flowers that are in season and available locally (reduces transportation costs).

    - Buy stems that have several flowers per stem so that you will need fewer stems to get the required number of flowers (florists will normally charge per stem).

  • From a wholesaler -the same rules apply as above. They'll have a larger wedding bouquet flower choice and will usually be cheaper than the florists, but try not to get carried away and buy more than you need. Some wholesalers will not sell to the public so you may have to try a few.
  • From a supermarket - supermarkets shouldn't be overlooked as they bring in huge quantities of flowers daily including the more exotic varieties at very good value. These make great wedding bouquet flowers and they tend to last quite well.

    You'll normally be able to buy flowers at the supermarkets cheaper than at the florists and maybe even cheaper than the wholesalers if you shop carefully. Flowers will be cheapest at the end of the day or just before a bank holiday (as they'll want to get rid of all their perishable goods before they close).

  • From your garden - I'm sure you know someone who is into their gardening and would be prepared to give you a few flowers for the bouquet (maybe even the rest of the flowers for the decorations if you're lucky).

    This will obviously be dependent on the time of the year you're getting married and whether your chosen flowers are in bloom. You should also be able to get the foliage free from local hedgerows (ask permission first) to finish your bouquet and your other flowers.

  • Use artificial wedding bouquets - These are the simplest way of getting the bouquet and they're not as expensive or as "artificial" looking as you might think. They will be of varying quality depending on where you buy them but as long as you ensure there is a good quality photograph of the bouquet you are after (ask them to confirm it's not a library picture) then there should be no major issues.

    As with any purchase where you can't physically see what you are buying, always check the returns policy before ordering. One of the benefits of artificial or inexpensive silk wedding bouquets is that you can have any flower type you want any time of year plus they'll last forever as a keepsake of your day. Who knows you might even get the chance to give it to your daughter in the future for her wedding day.

    Another advantage of artificial wedding bouquets is you can order them from anywhere taking advantage of online prices etc. as they won't spoil during transportation. Just remember to leave enough time to have them delivered. Plus they come already arranged so you won't have to worry about making your bouquet.

As you can see when it comes to locating the wedding bouquet flowers there are a lot of options and you are free to choose the one that best suits your abilities and budget. From making them yourself DIY style to buting artificial bouquets on line.

The more you're prepared to do yourself the cheaper it will be, but no matter which option you choose there's always a way of getting cheap wedding bouquets and cheap wedding flowers in general with a little thought no matter which option you choose.

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