Cheap Platinum Wedding Rings

So you're looking for cheap platinum wedding rings? Despite what you may have been told, it is possible to buy platinum wedding bands at affordable prices. If you know where to look!

But before I get into the details I'll give you a bit of background on regular and cheap platinum wedding rings.

Platinum's an extremely hard wearing silver/white metal which is hypoallergenic (so it won't cause reactions if you've got sensitive skin). It's currently very popular due to its contemporary look and the current shift away from traditional gold wedding rings.

So what are the things that you need to consider before heading online or down to the jewellers to buy your cheap platinum wedding rings?

cheap platinum wedding rings

Advantages of platinum:

  • Platinum is very hard wearing and very strong - this means you can wear it for a lifetime with very little wear or you can have a very thin ring without sacrificing strength, and less metal means a lower cost.
  • Hypoallergenic - platinum is very pure (usually around 85 % +) so you shouldn't have any nasty reactions to your cheap platinum wedding ring.
  • It is a very dense metal - so it won't scratch easily meaning it will look better for longer.
  • It doesn't tarnish - so, as above, it will look good for a long time.

Disadvantages of platinum:

  • It is quite rare so it can be expensive compared to other metals.
  • It is more brittle than softer metals such as gold. So if you were to give it a sharp knock there is a chance it could crack.
  • Weight - platinum is a heavier metal than gold so you will notice it more on your finger.
  • If polished it can develop a matte look quite quickly, but this can be re-polished.

Other cheap platinum wedding ring considerations:

  • What profile do you want? - No matter what style of ring you go for it's worth considering the profile (especially for your other half if he doesn't normally wear a ring). The most common profiles are "court", "d-shaped", "round" and "flat". Bear in mind that round- and flat-profile rings can potentially be the least comfortable.
  • What finish do you want on your cheap platinum wedding rings? - Polished, matt, decorative or plain? Polished and matt are fairly obvious choices but although platinum is hard wearing it will scratch and develop a mottled finish over time, so you may want to consider this before deciding on a polished finish. However they can be re-polished quite easily by most jewellers.

    A decorative or unique platinum ring could have different bands of polished and matt areas on the same ring. Alternatively you may want to go for an inlaid platinum wedding band which has an inlaid band of gold, titanium or pretty much any other metal you can imagine.

  • Do you want diamonds? - These have always been popular with us ladies but more and more men are starting to consider platinum and diamond wedding rings. This is probably due to the popularity of diamond jewellery with sporting celebs such as David Beckham. Just go easy with the diamonds or you could end up looking like P Diddy!
  • Consider your future husbands ring - his ring will traditionally be wider than yours and wider means more platinum which in turn means more expensive. A cost saving option could be to consider palladium for his ring (let’s face it, our men tend not to be that fussy when it comes to rings).

    My other half was happy to go for palladium which is much cheaper than platinum but looks very similar which meant I was able to get a platinum band with diamonds and still come in on budget. (Granted the diamonds are very small, but they're still diamonds none the less!).

    Don't forget to consider what your future husband does for a job. A platinum ring will be very hard wearing so is a firm favourite of men with manual jobs.

  • Matching wedding bands - many people say the wedding bands should match but I’m not convinced. My husband’s and my wedding bands don't match and no-one has ever pointed it out, so I wouldn't spend too much time worrying about it.

So where do you buy cheap platinum wedding rings?

The first port of call should be your local high street to decide on a style and profile. Once you have a good idea of what you both want and know what sizes you need,


This would be my choice. As online jewellers don't have expensive high street rent and rates to pay they can afford to pass on those savings to you and still make a profit.

You'll need to have a pretty good idea of what you want and be prepared to correspond via the telephone or by email, but it's normally a fairly pain free experience and the savings can be substantial. Always check what their returns policy is before you do anything.

Wholesale Jewellers:

Find a wholesale jeweller in your area and go down and talk to them. You may have to make an appointment to visit but many are happy to let you just call in unannounced.

They're like any other jewellers so you can try on different styles and see how they match your engagement ring and how the different profiles feel. They do tend to be slightly out of the city centre to avoid the associated high rents but they do exist and you can potentially make good savings over the high street jewellers.

For our rings we used a wholesale jeweller and managed to save about £500 per ring compared to prices we were quoted by the jeweller where we got my engagement ring... I know, we couldn't believe the difference either!

We saved so much at the wholesale jewellers (and with my other half going for palladium rather than platinum) that I was able to get some small diamonds on my platinum band. It was still substantially less than the original quote for my plain platinum band from the high street jeweller and more to the point it was still on budget!

You'll no doubt have to make a few decisions on the style but if you follow my tips you should be able to get cheap platinum wedding rings that you can treasure for the rest of your lives. Plus every time you look at them you’ll smile knowing that they were a bargain!

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