Unique Wedding Rings

There are many reasons why you would want or need unique wedding rings.

Maybe you want a one-off original design. Or, perhaps you can't get a standard wedding band to sit snugly next to your engagement ring because of the stone setting or shape of your engagement ring.

It's very important that your engagement ring and wedding ring complement each other and look as if they were made to go together.

Don't panic if your engagement ring setting or shape won't allow you to get a standard flat edged wedding ring. It's actually quite a common situation and most jewellers will keep a selection of "fitted" or "curved" wedding rings to suit the most popular engagement ring designs.

So try on as many as possible and you may be able to find one "off the shelf" that suits perfectly.

unique wedding rings

If not, it isn’t the end of the world as most jewellers will be able to design a wedding ring to match your engagement ring exactly and these do not need to break the bank. Here are a few simple pointers to help you keep the price down when designing custom wedding rings, whether they are plain fitted rings or one off unusual wedding rings.

Or if you simply wish to design your own unique wedding rings these same tips apply if you want to keep the price within budget.

  • Choose the metal carefully, palladium looks like platinum but costs a fraction of the price. Alternatively white gold or yellow gold are also cheaper than platinum (but the white finish on white gold can and will wear off).
  • Design a wedding ring with a narrower band, regardless of the metal type, less metal means a lower price.
  • If you're having diamonds fitted to your wedding band and need to use a custom band you could reduce the number or size of diamonds (or not use diamonds at all).
  • Have a silver wedding band custom made to your exact specification. Silver is a LOT cheaper than the other metals available. So you could get your chosen design made in silver and then a few years down the line, when you can afford it, get a replacement ring made in platinum etc.
  • Melt down old pieces of jewellery that you no longer use or want - you could bring these to the jeweller and have them melted down to make your unique wedding rings. You may have an old ring or other piece of jewellery that you inherited and are unlikely to wear because it's just not your style. This way you get to wear it every day and don't have to pay for the metal as you already own it.

Custom wedding rings are only restricted by your imagination and budget. If you can imagine it the you can usually have it made. You might even be able to buy it off the shelf. Some wedding rings that would have been considered unusual a few years ago are mainstream and can be quite easily bought from the many online jewellers.

It isn't that long ago that diamond wedding rings would've been considered unusual and would have had to have been made to order. Even dual metal wedding bands such as gold and platinum mix are now commonly stocked.

So don’t worry if you need or just want to purchase unique wedding rings. Just follow my simple steps above and it should be a relatively painless procedure.

Additional information is available in my Design Your Own Wedding Ring article. You can even get a matching wedding band so that your groom's wedding ring matches yours.

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