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Irish wedding invitations are perfect for you if you are an Irish bride, have Irish heritage or just like the look of Celtic designs or Irish emblems.

When you think of Irish style wedding invitations I'm guessing you are probably thinking of interlocking Celtic designs, shamrocks or Celtic crosses etc. and that is exactly what the majority of Irish themed cards are like.

That means they are really simple to make yourself. So if you have a digital camera, get out and about and start taking some pictures. Go to the local chapel and take a few pictures of ornate crosses or anything else that takes you interest (but only after you get permission). Then use these pictures to create a picture invitation.

Failing that sketch a line drawing of a Celtic design or get an artistic friend to do it for you. There are loads online to give you inspiration. Have a play about, it doesn't matter if you get it wrong a few times, and ultimately you will get one you like.

Another DIY option is to hit your local craft shop of have a look online where you should be able to get all the paper and accessories you are likely to need to make your invites look really professional. But, don't get carried away, simple invites are cheap but look expensive, fussy invites are expensive but can look cheap!

Don't forget the DIY option can be very time consuming. If you decide to go down the DIY route, plan carefully, design your card, work out how many additional materials you will need for one card and time how long that card takes to make. Then you can easily calculate how long it will take to make all the invites and how much additional materials will be required.

irish wedding invitation

As with any style of wedding invitation you have various options depending on how much or how little you want to spend on your invites. I assume at this point you have set your budget?

  1. If you are not a DIY type person: - a halfway house would be to create your own design and either take it to a printers or describe it to them and get them to create it. Then get it printed professionally.

    Most brides would at this point instinctively approach the specialist wedding stationary suppliers. However, my TOP TIP is to find a local copy shop/printer, as many of these shops have the ability to design and print your unique Irish wedding invitation designs (and often for much less than the specialist firms).

    We choose this method for our invites, orders of service, menu cards and thank you cards. Another tip is to ask for a price without telling them it's for a wedding. Once you have negotiated a price you are happy with then you can tell them.

  2. Free printable wedding invitations: - these are also easily available online, although the selection of Irish wedding invitation designs will be more restrictive and you may not be able to find the exact style you are looking for.
  3. Wedding invitation templates: - again these are available online so no negotiating will be required. All you need to do is choose the design you require and put your wording on the cards. Many suppliers will even allow you to upload the image you want to use so they are fully customisable.
  4. Obviously, the more you can do yourself the lower the cost should be, however, you should always cost your time into the equation as DIY invites will require more time to prepare.

  5. Buying complete invitations: - this is the route of least resistance but is normally the most expensive option. Your choice of Irish wedding invitations on the high street (especially outside Ireland) can be restricted (even in Ireland it may be difficult). The easiest option, in most cases, is to buy them online where you should be able to find hundreds of suppliers.

    You will likely need to check out a few before you find a design that you are happy with. An alternative would be to buy seal and send wedding invitations which involve the least amount of input and may save you money.

Now all you need to do is get the wording right and I have already written an article on wedding invitation etiquette which should help.

As you can see there's no reason why you can't have beautiful Irish wedding invitations that fit in with your budget. You may even decide to have an Irish or Celtic theme and incorporate Celtic knot wedding rings, Claddagh engagement rings and maybe even a Celtic wedding dress.

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