Celtic knot wedding rings.

Celtic knot wedding rings are fast becoming a very popular choice for the modern bride who wants a wedding ring that says something about her Celtic heritage or to match her Claddagh engagement ring. They are also becoming popular amongst brides who just want something a little different.

According to history, Celtic wedding rings represent a connection between mother earth and a spiritual connection between all living things. When most people talk about a Celtic wedding ring it is usually a Celtic knot ring that they are referring to, (with the Celtic claddagh ring being used as an engagement ring). The knot represents the eternity of life, love and nature.

The design on the Celtic knot ring is a continuous row of never ending Celtic knots, and was originally created by Celtic monks to decorate bibles, scriptures and crosses.

The two most popular types of Celtic knot rings are:

  1. Open weave - which, as it sounds, has a broad weave with open spaces.
  2. Closed weave - where the weave is set on a solid ring.

Celtic wedding band

Both types have many styles with different sizes and styles of weave, and are available in many different metals such as gold, white gold, platinum and silver (although you should check out the pros and cons of each metal type before ordering).

Once you have decided on the design and style of your Celtic wedding band there are several options for purchasing.

  1. Online - As always this should be cheapest although you will not get a chance to try it on first, so:

    - get your finger sized accurately.

    - Check out their returns policy.

    - Make sure you are aware of the quality of metal or diamonds etc before you order.

    - If possible try on as many as possible on the high street before ordering online (it will need to compliment your engagement ring).

  2. Celtic wedding rings

  3. Buy on the high street - there should be a good selection of Celtic knot wedding rings available. Before you buy you should check out the following:

    - Check the quality - if you are happy with a mass produced ring then this is not such a big issue. However, if you are looking for a genuine Irish ring, check for the "Irish Assay office" hallmark.

    - Be prepared - get as many quotes as possible beforehand. Don't accept their first price. I know it's easy to get caught up in the moment, but haggle.

To get a genuine Celtic knot wedding ring of good quality you may have to pay a little more than you would for a traditional wedding ring. But you will have a unique ring that will look fabulous for the rest of your life. Plus it gives you the option of tying the whole theme together with a Celtic wedding dress, claddagh engagement ring and some amazing Celtic wedding jewellery.

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